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December 20 2013

We removed paid apps from Google Play. But we keep free apps available.

January 25 2013

Version 2.00.004 of 4All-Scribe at Google Play™

January 21 2013

Version 2.00.003

December 21 2012

Version 2.00.001

Tested on smartphones (1.6 to 2.3), and tablets (up to 4.2), including the Google Nexus 7.

Check the Free version 4All-Scribe demo at Google Play

October 28 2012

Public release of 4All-Scribe-demo at Google Play

October 26 2012

Public release of a video on youtube 4all-scribe test

October 23 2012

Public release of 4All-Scribe (internal version 1.00.007) at Google Play™

Write directly, with your finger on any smartphone or tablet (android 1.6 or newer).
Use your smartphone, or tablet as a simple notebook, Take minutes really quickly. It is optimized to be fast, and responsive.

This release includes those features :

It has been tested on rather old smartphones and newer ones (1.6 to 2.3), and tablets (4.1), including the Google Nexus 7. No known bug has been left open.